Thursday, November 21, 2013

The New Reality: Emergency Management Needs To Completely Embrace Social Media.

Emergency Management follows the rest of society. The Citizen Reporter is a fact. 

Information goes viral and spreads horizontally. Not using  social media as an output is missing many opportunities. Not using them as an imput is denying reality. 

Reality is a function of the information on people, facts and places that reaches us: Communication expands reality. Conversation shapes Society. Just like the drums did in Africa, the smoke signals in China, and the light signals from airships, or the flags from boat to boat, and the messenger pigeons since ages. You can only take into account the information that reaches you. Not using the medium, means less information (which for Emergency Managers, is not acceptable). If a new medium finds its way into society, it changes reality. 

Social media are doing this profoundly. Not embracing it, just because of it imperfections, would be loosing contact with society. 

We've got to keep up with the Joneses. Even if  it means rethinking a lot of existing conventions. 

Social media are changing the way society and people are functioning in such a profound way, that we will only afertwards be able to understand. 
And believe me, a past without social media, will someday be harder to understand (for your grandchildren), than a past without radio. 
Times they are a changin!
And for Emergency Managers, probably more than you're thinking right now ...

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