Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Edges of #Reality: Thinking of #SocialMedia And How to Use Them 2 Communicate in #AdverseEvents

Though we are exploring the edges of reality when we're thinking of new media and how to use them in a disaster setting, many of us still do have a conservative approach towards some new problems. These are a few examples.

Communication in Adverse Events
When many of us talk about communication during disasters, we isolate what the authorities, or even the attending relief operations are declaring on (social) media and consider these "statements" to be the "Communication" during adverse events. The chatter among victims, probable victims, neighbors, friends and relatives are not always included in the general term "Communication". We should however, acknowledge the importance of chatter, and horizontal communications, and their impact on behavior in such situations.

Reliability of a Source, in settings we should consider ourselves lucky to have a source:
The way we establish reliability of a source of social media could be somehow very familiar and similar to the way @Klout approaches #influence or @Twitter considers #popularity. But instead, when it comes to reliability during #AdverseEvents, we often think it is good behavior to try to establish credibility of one source before we use or quote it. 

In disaster settings that affect a large or considerable size of a developed and socially active population, any major event will eventually be witnessed by more than one person. Therefore, aside from the actual reliability of one specific source, a surge of reports that report the same (aspect of an) event should be considered to be very possibly correct. It seems a sort of consensus across the different platforms could be adopted that attributes credibility to an (aspect of an) event,  based on its presence across platforms. With a clear ratio of original and retweeted, re-posted, or re-shared content. Kind of an early warning algorithm.

Would be nice.
Could be helpful.

Have a nice day!

Christophe LAURENT.

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