Saturday, October 5, 2013

The #CitizenReporter engaged in Collective Processing: The #Smartphone is a Catalyst of our Collective Processing Power and Intelligence during #Disaster #Response

I hope you spent some of your thinking time considering how awesome it is, that official agencies are today empowering the everyday citizen to openly and officially contribute to the intelligence that is gathered around adverse events. And this is done through #SocialMedia! 
Because in the end, no matter how much brain power has been found and rallied together to try to lead the (or a) public through the eye of the needle during dire times, nothing compares to the collective processing power of the people, who are everywhere, and connected with each other. Today, they are able to contribute to the data collection in such a way, that no leadership or experience can ever again be complete and thorough, without it.
This is game changing, when you think about it.
I truly believe, that enabling (the power of) the people to contribute to a higher collective awareness, and distributed assessment, is one of the noblest tasks communication technology has ever fulfilled. 
The gadget that is our phone has grown up. 
And it is a Catalyst of our Collective Processing Power and Intelligence.

Interesting times ahead for  Disaster Management en Communication ...

#sm #vost #smem #mhealth

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