Friday, October 4, 2013

#Shazam as an #Audio #Hashtag for #Emergency #Preparedness messages from #FEMA: A new #Cognitive interface to #Hyperlink information.

Someday, you'll be able to Shazam any (audio or video) news, and get linked to the full program!
The news on Digital Trends that #FEMA is cooperating with #Shazam is bigger than you think.  It announces a new kind of audio/cognitive link, that may appear to be very intuitive.
You hear something on the radio, and ...Shazam, via your smartphone (you may be able to call in Siri to do it for you) you get linked to the full message. Possibly even a menu that diversifies possibilities for additional information. Also
Today, you scan the news on you screen - tablet, desktop or other. You can “surf on” to the linked content, or “read it later”. But that means this only happens when you’re doing this like on purpose, holding or sitting in front of the screen.
With #Shazam, you could have Siri (and its existing alternatives of course) look up the original message, and listen to it, or maybe decide to “hear it later”. And all this while you’re going about your regular life: at work, driving your car, or cutting your grass …
Carry on the good work, mister Jones (#DavidJones - @davidlawjones).  I’m quite certain that along the way, you’ll save lives!

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